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6 Things Deferred Students Can Do For Regular Admissions


Universities and colleges have started releasing some of their early decision and its corresponding action results last week. The release actually came earlier than in the past years.

USA Today College shared six things that early applicants who were deferred can do if they still want to pursue that particular university or college. These are steps that can help students increase the likelihood that they will be admitted for regular decision.

Look at things objectively

Take a step back and review the steps that you took. Think about which areas you could have improved and how you could have done things better. It's best to wait a few days before sending an email or calling the admissions office about why you were deferred.

Ask your school counselor to reach out on your behalf

While there are colleges that are willing to discuss the application with the student personally, it may be best to have a school counselor reach out to the admissions officer first. This way, they can talk about the things that the student can do to increase the likelihood of admission.

Take the advice

Listen and understand all of the advice provided to you by the admissions officer. They really do want to help you.

Work hard on your senior year grades

Colleges will check out a full semester of grades before making their final decision. Keeping your grades up will improve your chances.

Focus on your other college applications as well

Most regular decision deadlines fall on January. This would be a good distraction for you as you wait for the decision of your primary school of choice.

Send an update letter or email

This should contain an update on the things that you have done since the submission of your application. Moreover, it should be positive, engaging and personal. Also, it should include the reason why you want to enroll in that particular college.

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