Kingston University Professor Portrays David Bowie, Explains Why He Did It


Will Brooker is a professor based in London. He recently took a break from teaching cultural studies and film at the Kingston University to spend a year as David Bowie.

However, this teacher did not do it for kicks. He wanted to know what makes David Bowie tick. Brooker wants to better understand the music icon's mind, work and life.

This is not something he is doing out of the blue. For Will Brooker, this is purely academic research, as reported by the NZ Herald. Which is why he set out to dress like Bowie, frequently visits the same places as he did, signs autographs from fans and practically lives like the star.

He looked back at David Bowie's career and also establishes the same behaviors. Brooker read the books he read, listened to the songs he listened to and even ate the food Bowie likes to eat.

At one point he went to a David Bowie exhibition in Melbourne and he portrayed him to the finest detail during that event. He did the poses and the Bowie pouts. He pretended to be David Bowie and everybody in that exhibition knows that. But according to him, he is the nearest alternative. If he acts it, they believe it, as reported by The Conversation.

Ultimately, he gained an understanding as to how David Bowie was able to work through a particular thought process. He also understands how he shaped his art - his music and albums.

Will Brooker's findings is published in a book titled "Forever Stardust." The book was published on Jan. 8 - which is also David Bowie's birthday. He describes the book as look into the network of ideas inside Bowie's mind. He points to the star's creative output and how they are structured basing on his obsessions and daily life. For Brooker, "Forever Stardust" offers an insight and a better understanding behind the artist.

His immersive research is also going to be in a documentary titled "Being Bowie."

Meet Will Brooker, courtesy of the ABC RN clip below:

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