‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Gen 2 And Legendary Pokemons Update Will Restore Gamers Interest, Update To Launch Soon [VIDEO]

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Maintaining the dominance of "Pokemon Go" could be a great motivation for Niantic Inc. to unveil a number of the mobile game's updates that will keep current gamers interested. Though a slow decline of the "Pokemon Go" game has been predicted, but the game remains to be the top grossing app.

An update of the location-based augmented reality game that players would certainly want to see is the introduction of new Pokemons. The addition of 150 and 151 creatures in "Pokemon Go" have been floated online, and has already generated tremendous hype for the mobile game.

Mew and Mewtwo Pokemons may be two of the most anticipated creatures in "Pokemon Go," especially Mewtwo. A number of speculations have surrounded Mewtwo and how powerful will the Pokemon creature be once it rolls out to the Pokemon game, according to Forbes.

Another addition to the mobile game's roster that "Pokemon Go" gamers would like to see is the Gen 2 Pokemons. The addition of quite a number of Pokemon creatures will certainly restore the said to be already decreasing interest to the game.

Nonetheless, the "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 update, which is supposed to bring in about 100 new creatures to the mobile game, is said to roll out over the coming months. The only creature that was available in the Gen 2 update is the Baby Pokémon, which dropped on Dec. 12.

In spite of that, rumor has it that the rest of the "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 monsters will be added in the coming months. Wherein the latest Pokemon event has seen the world overrun with starter Pokemon, as well as the eggs with Gen 2 Pokemon inside, Birmingham Mail reported.

Furthermore, the mobile game company has reportedly sent out a new message teasing "Pokemon Go's" next big update. In the meantime, Legendary Pokémon creatures are reportedly on the way. Nevertheless, players have still a few months to go until that day.

Meanwhile, Watch The Video Here:

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