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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episodes 75-77 Spoilers: Goku’s Training Sessions; Episodes 75-76 Storyline; Episode 77 Marks Universe Survival Arc [VIDEO]


Much to the delight of the avid fans of "Dragon Ball Super," even the filler episodes of the anime TV series were nothing short of entertaining. Some of the previously aired fillers of the anime series have let fans catch a glimpse of a number of epic battles, as well as jaw-dropping crossovers.

Details about the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episodes were recently fired up on Twitter by the famous DBS tipster @Herms98. Starting with "Dragon Ball Super" episode 75, Goku will attempt to ease his boredom by searching for a worthy training partner, and the main protagonist ends up getting one in the form of The Great Saiyaman.

As The Great Saiyaman is none other than Goku's son Gohan, this Dragon Ball Super" episode promises a very interesting training session. A productive training session is something that "Dragon Ball Super" fans will have to tune in to see. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 75 is slated to air on Jan. 22.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 76 will witness the return of Goku and Krillin to the Turtle Hermit, where the DBS characters will undergo a number of old-school training with Master Roshi. The "Dragon Ball Super" episode 76 is expected to air on Jan. 29, Saiyan Island reported.

The "Dragon Ball Super" episode 77 kicks off the new arc, and new spoilers are released from Animedia. The other Twitter post of Herms98 has shared the translation of the recently released information.

In the summary of episode 77, there is a quick recap of the Champa arc from the previous year leading to the Zamasu arc. In addition, the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 77 will feature Goku heading to Bulma's house to train with Whis, and Goku found out that she's pregnant with her second child.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 77 is expected to fire up on Feb. 5.

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