Edinburgh University Enters Semifinals For Hyperloop Route


Imagine a train that is almost supersonic but faster than a bullet train. It travels from Edinburgh to London in just 35 minutes. It seems unrealistic. But Elon Musk's dream of having a faster and efficient high speed form of travel, without the hassle of traffic, is soon becoming a reality.

And the Edinburgh University may just make it to the finish line. The university just entered the semi-finals to develop that near-supersonic train. The Scottish researchers made it as one of the 35 shortlisted teams out of the 2,600.

Their plan is to create a super fast train that would run on a track using magnetic levitation, as reported by The Herald. The route they are thinking of taking would be able to carry pods that can be sent out every 30 seconds and would reach the maximum allowable speed of 760 MPH in just 90 seconds. The pod can hold up to 28 passengers.

This sounds like something from a science fiction movie. But it is going to be a dream come true for Elon Musk when that train gets him from Edinburgh to London in 35 minutes or less. When Musk aimed his vision at university students, the Edinburgh University team never imagined of going up against routes such as Shanghai to Hangzhou, Mumbai to Delhi and Sydney to Melbourne. They are also going up against eleven American teams.

The University of Edinburgh HypED team is working on the route proposal, as reported by Edinburgh News.The route is going to be via London to Birmingham to Manchester to Edinburgh. They were able to calculate a 35 minute travel time. This is a much more astounding travel time compared to the four hours it usually takes.

HypED is made up of 50 students. They come from the School of Engineering, the School of Law, the School of Business and the Edinburgh College of Art. This University of Edinburgh team is looking forward to test their designs this year.

Know more about the University of Edinburgh by checking out the video below:

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