Surface Pro 3 vs iPad Pro 9.7 In A Battle Of Specifications [Video]


If there was one thing CES 2017 made clear, it is the fact that portable computing is on the rise and the most viable direction the industry is heading for. Apple, the long undisputed leader in mobile computing will not yield easily to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Running on Windows 10 gives this 12-inch tablet versatility. The hybrid device is one of the best portable computing solutions any user can opt into. Another advantage Microsoft Surface Pro has is its removable laptop keyboard, according to Neurogadget. Additionally, with Windows 10, the user has no limit what can be installed.

However, it does have its disadvantages as well, though not as much for some. Its size can be a little bit inconvenient if which diminishes its portability by a tiny bit. Though physically thinner and lighter, its size still falls on the too much side. The improved kickstand is nice, however, but can easily be toppled over. Its proprietary charging connector means one cannot use a power bank.

It's smaller Surface 3 sibling can be a better option albeit sacrificing computing power or size, and since it's a Windows device, ever amount of power counts.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7

One of the high-end devices ones can purchase that has the Apple branding on it. However, it does have its own pros and cons. On the advantage side, it can employ elements such as a Smart keyboard and the Apple pencil.

The two elements of the iPad Pro 9.7 can convert the device from a tablet to a laptop. Apps are one big advantage it has from the myriad developers have created for the device to get around its platform limitation. However, if the device is paired with a Windows or Mac, the limitations are expunged.

On the disadvantage side, its iOS platform limits it than Windows 10 and the user is also limited to its original storage. Ironically charging the Pencil is a disadvantage as well. Ports are another, which makes the device the dongle king, Slash Gear reported, and there is no provision for storage expansion.

In terms of size, it beats Surface Pro 3 in terms of portability. The iPad Pro 9.7 also beats Surface Pro in terms of power.

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