iPad Air 3 Rumors: Arriving in 2017 and Thinner Than the iPad Air 2 [Video]


The iPad Air 2 is nearing its 2nd birthday. Consumers are asking when Apple will release the iPad Air 3.

Rumors started circulating last June that the release of the iPad Air 3 is imminent since retailers are beginning to sell the almost two-year-old 128GB iPad Air 2 at up to $250 discount. However, Mac World UK says they believe the discounted price of the product has no bearing to be accepted as a gauge towards the release of the iPad Air 3. They said Apple doesn't really discount products prior to a new release. A more plausible scenario for the delay is that Apple might be killing the Air line.

Thinner than the iPad Air 2

The first rumor that came out is that the iPad Air 3 will be thinner than its predecessor. Mac World notes that if batteries are getting smaller, couldn't Apple just retain the size of the battery and replace it with a higher capacity unit giving the user extended time of use away from the charger?

The iPad Air 2 is already thin by any standard and having a much thinner iPad Air 3 at 6.1mm poses a question of how sturdy the unit would be in a normal daily use and abuse.

iPad Air 3 body design and colors

Since the unit will be of thinner design than that of its predecessor, a rumor from Tampa Bay Review says the iPad Air 3 might come in a 7000-series aluminum body that's effective in dispelling heat as well as provide for a stronger panel. It is rumored that the iPad Air 3 will come in 4 colors: Space Grey, Rose Gold, silver, and gold.

iPad Air 3 rumored tech specs

  • 9.7-inch screen; 3112x2334 resolution at 401ppi
  • Rumored processor chip A9 or A9X, some say it could be an A10 or the A10X
  • It will have more RAM
  • A 12MP camera with True Tone flash
  • Some rumors say it will support 3D Touch, others don't
  • Highly likely, the 3.5mm jack will be gone following the iPhone 7

All design and specs are still rumors as of press date and still subject to verification once the unit is officially unveiled. The iPad Air 3 is rumored for release in March 2017.

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