'Halo Wars 2' To Kick Off 2nd Beta Test With Daily & Weekly Challenges; Blitz Mode Deck Building Detailed! [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike will agree that "Halo" is currently one of the franchises in the gaming industry that has proven to be successful over the past years. As such, a lot of these same fans are now looking forward to the latest installment to the series with "Halo Wars 2" being released in the next month. That being said, the developers have announced that it will be running its 2nd beta testing by the end of January. Moreover, fans can check out the new Blitz mode that's been introduced to the game, according to sources.

It was recently reported that "Halo Wars 2" will be kicking off its second beta test by the end of the month, Gamespot noted. The announcement came from Microsoft who said that fans on the Xbox One and PC can start joining the beta test that will start running on the 20th of January.

Moreover, it was said that the second "Halo Wars 2" beta test will be absolutely free and open to everyone. However, the source did note that it might not actually be the case for Xbox users since a representative from Microsoft said that an Xbox Live Gold membership is needed if fans would want to participate in the beta test this end of the month.

Albeit the membership requirement for Xbox users,fans running their games on the PC will not have to worry about any paid requirement in order to enjoy the second "Halo Wars 2" beta test. Moreover, fans will be rewarded with two Blitz card packs and will be able to participate in both daily and weekly challenges, as well.

With the second "Halo Wars 2" beta test arriving this end of January, Microsoft and 343 Industries has then unveiled to fans more information about a new game mode, Gamerant reported. It was said that the new game mode will be called Blitz, which mixes the unique gameplay of cards and deck building with tactical RTS gameplay.

That being said, it was also stated that the second "Halo Wars 2" beta test will be focusing on the new game mode, Blitz, which will also introduce the Proving Grounds map.

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