‘Making A Murderer’ Update: S2 To Include New Conversations With Avery, New Evidences &Tests, Ken Kratz’s Possible Appearance


Following an overwhelming success of "Making A Murderer" Season 1, showrunners Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi has announced their interest to make another season for the docuseries that revolves around the story of Steven Avery and nephew Brendan Dassey. Both were involved in the killing and raping of Teresa Halbach in 2005.

The American documentary television series, which premiered on Netflix in Dec. 18, 2015 had since hooked viewers in the case of Avery and Dassey. It gathered 25 million viewers with some fans even signing a petition asking the court to grant a pardon to both convicts, Enstarz reported.

Netflix has already confirmed a second season of "Making A Murderer," although the release date has not been announced at present. With the buzz created by the docuseries , the White House has even issued an official statement as to why they cannot pardon the pair stating that it cannot pardon a state criminal offense.

According to sources, season two will see Dassey's freedom as one judge has ordered for his release and ruled in August that he was tricked by investigators into confessing he helped his uncle in the Halbach case, Independent has learned. Filmmakers confirmed that season two will feature a mock trial, recreating the scenes from within the courtroom.

Another interesting angle to watch out for are the recorded conversations of both show creators Demos and Ricciardi with Avery, which is seen to be included in the future episodes. It will also show lots of evidences that never made into the first season.

Although Prosecutor Ken Kratz declined the offer to be featured in season one, docuseries fans are hopeful that he might eventually appear in season two as he has been very outspoken about the case ever since "Making A Murderer" was released. Meanwhile, appeal lawyer Kathleen Zellner disclosed there will be new tests done on Avery in an attempt to prove his innocence, which fans believe will certainly be featured in season two.

For now, fans will have to wait for a while in order to follow again the life and story of both Avery and Dassey unravel right before their eyes especially that Zellner promised to bring justice to Avery and bring him out of prison this year.

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