Verizon Taking Back Unlimited Service Plans From ‘Excessive’ Data Users


Telecom Company Verizon is taking back it unlimited service plan from "excessive" data users. Subscribers who use 200GB of data or more every month are the ones affected.

Change of Data Plan

Verizon unlimited service plan subscribers who reached the 200GB data mark have been warned to change their plans. They only have until February 16 to switch to any plan that has a data cap on it. Failure to do so will result in a disconnection.

The telecom company reported that it already sent out notices to the targeted subscribers. Still a number of Verizon customers claimed that they have received the notice even if they have not breached the 200GB data mark, according to phonearena. If this is true then it's clearly a cause for concern. Verizon subscribers may find their lines disconnected even if they have not exceeded the company imposed data limit. The carrier though has yet to clarify the matter.

This is the second time that Verizon is targeting the heavy data users. Last year, the company zeroed in on its subscribers using more than 100GB of data from a single smartphone or tablet device. Verizon imposed the new regulations more than week ago on January 5. At the same time, Verizon activation and upgrade fee has been raised to $30 or a 50 percent increase.

The current biggest Verizon monthly data plan is 100GB per month, according to its official website. Such plan cost a whopping monthly subscription fee of $450. Still, those who subscribed to this plan will get an additional 2GB of data per line. Each additional line will cost subscribers anywhere around $5 to $20. Verizon and other telecom carriers are trying to remove subscribers from unlimited service plans for the past several years. One alternative for heavy data users is to switch to broadband instead. Meanwhile, others are trying to look for cheaper alternatives among Verizon's competitor such as Sprint.

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