'Watch Dogs 2' Multiplayer Feature Fixed! Critics Discuss Ubisoft's Success In Open World Sequel [VIDEO]


Fans and avid gamers alike have waited patiently for "Watch Dogs 2" to be released only to find out that the initial launch of the game encountered a few hiccups regarding one of the game's features. However, this has recently been addressed as a new patch was rolled out that fixed the multiplayer feature of the game. On top of this fix, critics are somewhat giving Ubisoft the much needed credit they deserve for the sequel's success, according to sources.

It was recently reported that fans will now be able to get their money's worth when they've purchased the latest "Watch Dogs 2" as Ubisoft has released a new patch that finally fixed an issue regarding the multiplayer feature, Engadget learned.

It was stated that the developer's "second phase" aimed to make a seamless blend between the solo campaign and multiplayer feature of "Watch Dogs 2." In a press release statement by the company, they mentioned that players will now be able to experience a smoother multiplayer gameplay.

It further detailed that Prime_Eight rivals can now join the player's world for them to track down and hack without the necessity of going through the Multiplayer App on their in-game smartphones.

Moreover, fans will also come across friendly Dedsec hackers who can assist them in completing various Dedsec events all over San Fransisco, which they can also invite to form a team to finish off some co-op missions.

As such, critics over at The Verge have given their two cents as to why Ubisoft's "Watch Dogs 2" was a success over its predecessor. At the onset, the source praised the sequel for coming up with a protagonist that is less brooding than that of the first installment. They pointed out Marcus Holloway's charming personality and how it was more fun to play around with than Aiden Pearce, who was said to be devoid of personality.

The source also praised the accuracy of the game's depiction of San Francisco, albeit it was not a hundred percent recreation of the whole area. The fact that some places were missing, due to the fact that recreating the whole area will be too costly and impractical for a game, the accuracy in detail of depicting San Francisco was enough for fans to get a good fell of the actual place.

As such, it seems that Ubisoft is headed in the right direction with their recently released "Watch Dogs 2."

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