Ways to Stop Procrastinating in College


There are days when you spend your entire afternoon lazing around in pointless activities before you realize that it is getting late and you have done nothing at all. Now you are stressed out and rushing to quickly write the essay due for submission the next day or review for the scheduled quiz the next morning.

If this sounds familiar to you and this is becoming a habit, then you must be a procrastinator. Procrastinating can have various negative effects in a person's life, especially when you are studying or working. It can have adverse effects on your grades and it can make a impact to your long term plans and goals. The time you should be spending working on your grades and participating in the activities that will help your growth as a student will all be wasted.

Don't compromise your grades, your goals and your ability to excel just because of your tendency to procrastinate. Beat this bad habit by following these tips.

Leave your dorm room

Dorms are indeed full of distractions, according to StudySoup, especially when there's a lot of you who share the same room. You cannot tell everyone to stay quiet while you are studying. You might also have a roommate who will constantly invite you to hangout. These distractions will only keep you away from your focus, so go the library instead of find a peaceful and quiet place where you can work.

Just do it

One of the effective tricks to beat procrastination is to begin and do what you are supposed to do. Just drop off whatever it is that you are doing and start the task. You will not realize that you are actually making progress already.

Take control

According to Community College Success, it's just a matter of taking control of the task at hand. If it is your homework or a project, you should not let it control you by putting it off simply because you do not know how to start. You have the power to take control and begin your work and let it translate to better grades.

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