Samsung Smart TV 2017: One Remote Brings More Powerful TV Services; iOS, Android Are Now Used To Streamline Contents [VIDEO]


Samsung is not leaving TV entertainment behind. The tech giant provides an even more improved way of enjoying customers' TV entertainment. Tapping the previously launched technology of One Remote for Smart TV, Samsung TVs can now connect to iOS and Android powered mobile phones through an authorized app.

This powerful development filters down to video-on-demand, cable streaming, and regular TV broadcast. Users can now have a streamlined options and control over the Samsung Smart TV contents. Meaning, they can now watch their favorite shows in their satellite devices like smartphones, according to Samsung Newsroom.

In order to do so, Samsung Smart TV owners must take advantage of its Smart Hub feature. This now allows the Smart TV to have a singular access point making it way easier to navigate through out its other features. Moreover, the improved UX delivers a streamlined contents to its masters.

To fully operate the said feature, Smart TV remote controller should be connected and acquire authorization from the Samsung Smart TV.  This is made possible by One Remote. One Remote services was first introduced from last year and now it is making a bigger comeback in Smart TV landscape. It allows the users to have secured access of the Smart TV and all the other devices linked to it.

Samsung's One Remote user will have control in a Blu-Ray Disc Player, a Console and even a set-top box once they have been connected to the main TV. In addition, the Smart View app is compatible in iOS and Android. It also showcase the same viewing experience with the regular TV but it is way more convenient and easier to use. Samsung TV contents can be access through a simple touch in the keypad or with simple voice command of the preferred content.

For more additional information, you may watch the video below about the latest on Smart TV Services or leave a comment.

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