HTC Vive Phones: 3 Brand New Futuristic Handsets Ready to Make The World Less Boring


HTC is up for something completely different soon. Find out more!

HTC Vive Smartphones Leaked

HTC Vive has been popularly known as VR headset but a recently leaked video is a possible indication that the company is going to launch three new phones under HTC Vive flag.

The information came from notorious tipster, Evan Blass, who posted a 90-second video of HTC Vive phones commercial on his Twitter account, Engadget has learned. The video shows off three variants of smartphones namely Chemical, Litmus and Super Fibers. It is unclear whether the difference is only on the outward appearance or HTC might equip each one of them with specific features.

HTC for U

HTC gears up for an event on Jan. 12 called 'For U', according to Pocket-Lint. Tech experts previously speculated that the event will be about HTC 11 launch

However, from the leaked video, it is clear that the Chinese company mentions 'something unique like you'. Hence, it is safe to assume that the event will most likely introduce the three brand new HTC Vive Phones, if this is what it will be called.

There is not much to dig from the promo video regarding the phones' innards but one thing for sure, HTC Vive phones look futuristic and stylish.

It also compares the handsets to other flagships like Samsung Galaxy series, Google Nexus and Apple iPhones - all of which are competing to be the thinnest and smartest device but according to HTC, fails to emotionally connect to the users.

Whether the set of devices will be mobile VR or the flagship phones, everything remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more updates on HTC Vive phones.


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