Top 5 Android Phones with Best Battery Life in 2016 [VIDEO]


Here are the top 5 midrange Android phones that have the best battery life in 2016.

Android phone with best battery life #1: Motorola Moto Z Play

It's the thinnest mod phone and it can stay up long enough. Moto Z Play is Motorola's midrange smartphone that packs 3,510 mAh battery capacity. It lasts up to 23 hours and sometimes more on a single charge. The Verge has tried and tested Moto Z Play and learned that it does what it says. If the ugly set of pins on the back panel does not bother you, Moto Z Play and its all-day battery life is a solid choice for the heavy users.

Android phone with best battery life #2: Asus Zenfone Max

There is a reason why Asus equips Zenfone Max with a whopping 5,000 mAh - so that it can charge another device, too. Zenfone Max packs a punch and being a power bank is an added benefit when you have another smartphone to bring. Check out the review here.

Android phone with best battery life #3: HTC 10

HTC 10 battery life is a value-added in the elegantly designed midrange phone. It lasts up to a day and when you set the mode to battery-saving, it lasts even longer up to two days. The 3,000 mAh capacity only shows up to five percent drop overnight on standby.

Android phone with best battery life #4: Xiaomi Mi 5

The recently launched flagship from Xiaomi does a great job in bringing premium specs to a midrange budget. Dubbed as the cheap Galaxy S7, Mi 5 battery life packs 3,000 mAh capacity that stays up to 14 hours in heavy use, CNET reported. Check out the full specs here.

Android phone with best battery life #5: LG V20

LG V20 does not only come with shock-resistant chassis but it is also a powerful phone that packs 3,200 mAh capacity. The V20 features quick-charging that can be fully filled up the phone battery in an hour. Find out the tech specs here.

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