Career Habits To Develop in 2017 According to Experts - Pt. 2


Being the best worker that you can be takes more than just a desire and goals; it requires a lot of effort and some help from those who are the best in their fields.

In an earlier article we talked about four habits those expecting to make it good in their careers this year should develop. The habits - personally connecting with people, setting daily goals, dressing up for success, and developing a handy personal "hip-pocket" skill - are actually developed by experts and are used by them to help them succeed. And if those habits helped them become who they are now, they just might help you too.

As promised, here's part two of the list of Career Habits To Develop in 2017 According to Experts, collected by CNBC.

Write clear emails

Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture's $16-billion North America business, says investing in communication skills is a "great way to progress" in one's career, and one simple way to this is to learn how to write clear emails.

Sweet says many underrate the importance of having good communication skills. In any company, communication skills are highly valued, she says. In fact, if workers of any position possess great communication skills, either in speaking or writing, they'd be prized by the company, she says.

To do this, workers should practice writing short and concise paragraphs with no spelling mistakes. And yes, emojis should be avoided in corporate communications.

Cultivate a hobby

Jenny Blake, former Google career guru and author of "Pivot: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One," says workers who want to enjoy their job and want to bring a positive influence in their workplace will do well to cultivate a hobby outside of work.

Blake suggests going outside, getting some exercise, or even trying out new ways to express one's creativity. Not only will this help you cope with a stressful job, this will also help perk you up and become contagiously perky at work.

Make use of your commute

Bill Gates, one of the most successful businessmen on earth, says he loves to read. Reading has helped him learn, and he makes time for it. Why not make use of your time on the bus or train by reading something worth reading?

Reading a new book or listening to podcasts talking about things outside your field of expertise will help you learn new things that might help you become a well-rounded, more informed worker.

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