Career Habits To Develop in 2017 According to Experts - Pt. 1


Making the resolution to become the best worker that you can be this year requires more than just a note on the whiteboard and a bookmark on your journal, if you have any. Being the best worker and career person that you can be requires effort and a little help from those who know better.

While the effort is yours to make, expert advice is also yours to take. Here are some tips from the experts, compiled by CNBC.

Personally Connect More With People

J. Kelly Hoey, a networking expert, investor, and writer, says networking need not be formal nor does it need to take much time. She says valuable connections can even be made in as quickly as 45 seconds.

To do that, Hoey suggests "thinking of networking as muscle" that can be used regularly and in a variety of ways to achieve goals. Look for ways to increase the chances of coming across a colleague, or even try to set up a quick chat over coffee.

Set Daily Goals

Daymond John, "Shark Tank" judge and entrepreneur, says having a handy to-do list will greatly help you take control of your responsibilities. Self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis adds that his personal version of a to-do list, which he calls a "knockout list," helps him become productive.

Dress For Success

Dressing up and presenting yourself in the most professional way possible will help boost your career, says "Million Dollar Listing" broker Fredrik Eklund. He says clothes that fit well help make you feel confident, as do well-groomed hair. Don't be afraid to spend on monthly haircuts or even a nice watch that will complement you.

Develop A Personal Skill You Can Pull Off Anytime

Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico, says having a "hip pocket skill," or a valuable skill or talent an employee can easily pull out when needed, helped her succeed. Such a skill becomes a trademark for any employee.

Your "hip pocket skill" can be anything: your excellent interpersonal communication skills, an affinity to learn new things, or even your tact in solving problems.

If your skill is quite unique and relatively hard to find among your colleagues, it might bring attention to you and bring you perks - even promotions.

Watch out for more habits to develop in part two of this article.

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