‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest Tips And Tricks: How To Check Your Hidden IV; Plus 3 Kick-Starters For Your 2017 Pokemon Hunting [REPORT]


If you think "Pokemon Sun And Moon" was outshined by its sister game "Pokemon Go" then your not paying attention to "Pokemon Sun And Moon" distinct features. A new information has come out about Individual Value (IV). This feature enlists the set of stat each Pokemon randomly received after being caught. IV identifies Pokemon from another Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun And Moon," meaning each of this species is completely unique.

It is, however, impossible to see by just looking it in the Stat Menu. "Pokemon Sun And Moon" players must know how to gage them through a special calculator available from the internet or by just unlocking a secret function, according to IGN.

Individual Value identifies how high or low a Pokemon Stat can be. The values are measured between 0 and 31 whereas 0 is the lowest while 31 is the highest. To understand better, if "Pokemon Sun And Moon" Speed IV measures 30 to 31 it is possible for your Pokemon to reach its maximum speed level. However, Pokemon Trainers must secure that the Effort Value is properly assigned.

How to check you 'Pokemon Sun And Moon' IV

Once the trainer has beaten "Pokemon Sun And Moon" game, it can now see the streamlined equivalent of the IVs. The first step is to defeat the Elite Four and hatch 20 Pokemon eggs. This is to impress an Ace Trainer from the Battle Tree who will give gamers a new function to your PC. You can now see your Pokemon's IVs straight from the boxes on any PC. You will then encounter different terms, here are what they mean: No Good is zero; Decent is one to 10; Pretty Good is for 11 to 20; Very Good stands for 21 to 30; and lastly Best for 31.

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Game Guide

1.       Learn the hidden talent of your Pokemon

2.       Purchase Hyper Training

3.       Breed For Individual Value

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