‘Tokyo Ghoul:re' Chapter 107 Donato Pins Urie To Wall, Torture & Maim Higemaru; Chapter 108 Spoilers

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"Tokyo Ghoul:re'" revealed the dire circumstances Urie had at the hands of a clown ghoul. Urie is seen pinned on a wall as he watches Higemaru being tortured and being maimed by Donato.

The white suits were shown in battle with the clowns and as this was going on, the V organization was deployed to the location of the clown attacks where they were sent to exterminate all ghouls including the white suits. According to Mangastream, the public present knows very little of the organization that just arrived wherein everyone present thought the organization was only a myth. This was a surprise not only to the ghouls but to the CCG investigators as well.

A battle ensued between the white suits and V which left the public confused. At the height of the battle, Ken Kaneki decides to leave the fighting against clowns and the V to his subordinates choosing Tsukiyama to lead the team.

Moreover, a small group of ghouls was geared to look for RC suppressants.

Chapter 108 speculations

Manga Helpers reacted positively to the latest chapter of the manga. It likewise revealed that Furuta has the power to call out V knowing the plan of Kaneki in putting down ghouls. Leaving the fight and putting Tsukiyama in-charge points to a possibility that Kaneki might infiltrate the wards in order to obtain RC suppressants.

It is speculated that once the suppressants are obtained, Kaneki might use the same as weapons against other ghouls. Knowing full well that he is on the way, Kaneki could come into contact with more CCG investigators negating his plan to be a simple walk in the park, according to Asiastarz.

It is expected that more action will come from Ken Kaneki in coming chapters. Now that he knows that the power of the CCG and the V are in the hands of one man, he might yet prove that he is powerful enough to take down his enemies to achieve his ultimate goal of co-existing with humans.

See "Tokyo Ghoul:re'" chapter 107 manga presented in a sequential video below.

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