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Career Guide: Ways to Stop Chronic Procrastination


Nearly every adult has experienced procrastination at one point in their life. It's one of those moments when your willpower wears you down and you don't feeling like working or doing anything at all.

According to Entrepreneur, procrastination is a serious threat to productivity and if you allow it to control you, it can hamper your way to success. And in order to resist the urge to procrastinate, your mindset and your way of thinking should be changed to get you started first with the difficult tasks.

To learn more about beating procrastination, here's a helpful list to refer to when your willpower gets low:

Understand the root cause

It is important to first understand what you are trying to accomplish and what's keeping you from getting started, according to INC. For many people who can't even get to start, anxiety is the culprit so the first thing you can do is to deal with this feeling by asking yourself what makes you feel anxious.

Reward yourself

If you don't feel like taking an action, motivate yourself with a reward. It could be something that you could treat yourself with as soon as you get the job done.

Change your mindset

The way you look at things certainly affects how much you are able to accomplish. If you think that a certain task seems to be very difficult or impossible, then it will really kill your motivation. Instead of thinking this way, challenge yourself and believe that you are capable of doing it until your fears translate into actions.

Reframe your thinking

Think about the consequences of not starting or not trying at all. Remember that regrets always come last and you would not want anything in your life to get affected and suffer just because you failed to do something you were supposed to.

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