Best Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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After the holiday season where most of us have overindulged, most of us would do the same thing we do every year - make New Year's resolutions.

It is easy to make resolutions but the challenge is how to keep them all throughout the year. While it's often said that most New Year resolutions fail, there is still a good chance for you to be able to adhere to your goals with the help of technology and applications that are readily available right at your disposal.

Take a look at some of the resolutions you may have listed and the applications that can help you achieve them.

Texts that will serve as reminder, inspiration and motivation

When it comes to pushing for a goal, a little motivation can go a long way and Shine Text as a text messaging bot can come in handy, according to the Huffington Post. This app can provide you helpful advice as well as inspiration that can help you get through the day.

 Blue Light blocker to fall asleep easier

Getting better quality sleep may be one of your resolutions for this year and one of the ways for you to make it happen is by avoiding the light emitted by gadget and electronic devices as it is known to negatively affect the quality of your sleep. What you can try to do is to install a backlight altering app so that the colors of your screen will display the warmer end of the spectrum.

Start with good habits

If you are looking into starting new habits or stop some bad ones, HabitBull which can help you track everything you do can help you, according to Yahoo Tech. This app will give you the ability to see and monitor if you have achieved your goals and view your progress in weeks or months.

Stepping up on your career

If this year you have decided to step up when it comes to your career and want to look for a new job and new opportunities, you can do your research at the tips of your fingers with Glassdoor. This app can give you the latest job listings as well as reviews of the company, its salaries and benefits.

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