'Turok' PC Remaster Got A Free Update Featuring A New Level Editor; Nightdive Studios Releases New Trailer [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike would agree that remastered games are a good way for them to experience their favorite games with the current-gen of consoles and hardware. As such, these same fans will be surprised to know that PC remastered version of "Turok" just got a free update during the Holidays. Along with it, Nightdive Studios has released a new trailer that also featured the new level editor that was recently added to the game, according to sources.

It was reported that "Turok," a first-person shooter video game developed by Iguana Entertainment and published by Acclaim for the Nintendo 64 and Microsoft Windows back in 1997, received a PC remastered version, Attack of the Fanboy noted. The latest iteration of the classic game was made thanks to Nightdive Studios.

Despite the "Turok" PC remastered version being a year old already, it recently received a major update during the Holidays. It was stated that the developers have recently launched the patch late in December and was, unfortunately, overshadowed by the Holiday season rush.

Albeit "Turok" getting a PC remastered version, Nightdive studios was said to be focused on developing and working on a remaster for "Turok 2," which as of now has no exact release date. The developers have announced via their Steam page that they have already started the development for the remastered version of "Turok 2."

Since Nightdive Studios did a good job at giving fans a PC remaster of "Turok," the source is confident enough that the same treatment will be given to "Turok 2."

For the meantime, fans can enjoy the latest update on the PC remaster of "Turok," which included a new level editor, Gamerant reported. The new feature will allow players to create and modify maps, and tweak certain features of the levels via its Turok FX Engine.

Moreover, fans can check out the new feature added to the PC remaster of "Turok" at work through the new trailers that Nightdive Studios have recently released.

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