'Bulletstorm: Full Clip' Edition Not Availbe To Original PC Owners; Gearbox Confirms 'Borderlands 3' To Be Developed! [VIDEO]


Most fans and gamers alike would agree that the announcements made during the Game Awards 2016 really showcased the variety of games that they could all expect in the coming future. As such, games like "Bulletstorm: Full Clip" edition was also announced in the event. However, it seems that this might not be available to the original owners of the PC version. Moreover, Gearbox Studios has confirmed that "Borderlands 3" will be the next game on their list.

It was recently announced during the Game Awards 2016 that Gearbox Software has partnered with People Can Fly to release "Bulletstorm: Full Clip", which is a remastered version of the original with some added bells and whistles, Gamespot reported.

It was also stated that the game is slated for an April 7 release date. However, it was also announced by Gearbox President and founder, Randy Pitchford, that "Bulletstorm: Full Clip" is already available for preorder now. Fans who opt to grab the game this early will get the chance to play through the whole game as the iconic first-person shooter character, Duke Nukem.

In an interview with Pitchford, he mentioned that Duke Nukem will feature the full voice over of the character, which was voiced by Jon St. John. Moreover, fans can choose to play as Duke by replacing the main character Grayson Hunt that will provide unseen experiences to fans all over.

However, the remastered version of this game won't be available to fans who already own the original game on PC, Dual Shockers reported. When asked by a fan via Twitter as to whether or not "Bulletstorm: Full Clip" edition will be given out to owners of the game on Steam as an upgraded version, Pitchford replied by tweeting that it won't be possible.

The source pointed out that the reason behind this was that People Can Fly do not own the older rights to the original version of "Bulletstorm." As such, Gearbox Software and People Can Fly can only work with the remastered version of the game.

Despite this, fans of Gearbox Software have another thing to look forward to as the developers have announced that they will be devloping "Borderlands 3" after they're done releasing the DLC's for "Battleborn," Eurgamer reported.

It was mentioned that there will be a lot of Easter eggs hinting at the upcoming "Borderlands 3" that will be included in the DLCs released for "Battleborn." It was said that Mikey Nuemann, who was behind the voice of Scooter, will be taking the helms of writing the story.

As such, it seems that fans of Gearbox Software have a lot to look forward to in the coming future.

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