'Elder Scrolls Online' News: 'Morrowind' Map Reported To Be Leaked By Dataminers; January Crown Store Showcase Detailed! [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike are always on the lookout for the latest news or rumors leaking new information on their favorite games. As such, these same fans are now buzzing over the latest speculations revolving around the acclaimed "Elder Scrolls Online" game. It was being suggested that a new map was leaked which may lead to a possible "Morrowind" content arriving in the future. Moreover, these same fans can expect some new things in Crown Store this coming month, according to sources.

It was recently reported that dataminers have leaked an image of a map of Morrowind within the game "Elder Scrolls Online," VG24/7 learned. It was stated therein that a lot of information was shared to fans via an extensive post on the game's Reddit thread. It contains details and images that were gathered from the game's files courtesy of a user named FloorBelow. \

As such, the source has noted that the depth of information being posted has posed itself to either be a grand and intricate hoax or an actual legit leakage of information on the upcoming content that will be brought in for "Elder Scrolls Online."

A lot of the "Elder Scrolls Online" fans may have already been convinced, especially when a Reddit member named dominoid73 hihglighted the fact that Bethesda's Morrowind will be celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

That being said, it was also pointed out by the source that the fan-made site UESP has already been cataloging all the information being leakead for "Elder Scrolls Online," which includes Vvardenfell that was featured in Morrowind as a single island district province.

Ino ther news, "Elder Scrolls Online" fans can head on over to the official website of the game to check the latest news on what's coming in the Crown Store this January. It was listed therein that new supplies will be making their way to kick of the New Year, which will include two Redguard costumes from the "Tailored in Tamriel" series, a variety of stylish hairstyles, and a new pet.

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