How to Improve Students’ Learning with Effective Learning Techniques


Some students seem to go through their school years like a breeze while others struggle and unable to reach their full potential.

Various factors affect the students' ability to learn. For one a student's health can have a negative impact on his or her ability to learn in class, according to Education Dive. They are even considered as real barriers to student learning especially in low-income communities.

Learning also depend on the teaching strategies and techniques, according to Psychological Science, because there are times when studying strategies are ineffective which result in minimal gains in performance.

In order to address the challenges in academic performance, here are some techniques for student learning.

Using uniform curriculum calendar

This means that all teachers should be teaching the same objective but they do not necessarily have to use the same approach. This way, the teachers will be able to monitor and keep track of the lessons they have taught and how much the students learned. It is also important for educators to be highly trained on the standards that will be used to measure a student's mastery of learning.

Self-evaluation and independent learning

Students should be given a chance to identify where they have gone wrong and helping them understand and recall relevant and correct information.

Goal setting

Students should be encouraged to set goals for themselves especially when it comes to taking assessments. By doing this, they will make an effort to secure understanding of a certain topic so that they can achieve their desired score.

Review learning

Covering lessons and topics before tests can also help and it can be done using exam style questions to enable students practice key skills ahead of their assessments. This technique will also help them better retain information that were already covered in class.

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