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Joe Biden Heading To University Of Pennsylvania After Exiting White House


Current Vice President Joe Biden has slipped and told a member of senator Kamala Harris' entourage about his plans after he exits the White House. With about two weeks to go until President-elect Donald Trump takes his seat in the Oval Office, Biden spilled that he would like to continue working on his foreign policy and cancer research.

According to reports, Biden and the unidentified woman knew each other and said their pleasantries. After talking more about "The Biden Trust," the unidentified woman asked where he will be operating out of. He said his policy work will continue and will be based at the University of Pennsylvania.

Although he is going to base his work at the university, he will not be associating with any particular medical center, as reported by Yahoo. This policy comes from an initiative he wanted to pursue to get cancer therapies to more patients and push researchers to be more open with their studies.

Joe Biden lost his son, Beau, to brain cancer two years ago. Because of this, "Cancer Moonshot" was launched to speed progress in cancer research. This helped push cancer into the limelight. Current United States President Barack Obama made the announcement of a similar initiative last year. Obama has signed a $6.3 billion research bill to fund cancer and other diseases in research studies. Biden supports this bill and campaigned hard for it. When it was passed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the cancer initiative will be named after Beau.

Biden is setting up a trust called "The Biden Trust." The trust will not just be about raising funds for the cause but it will be a platform where everyone cooperates and changes the culture surrounding cancer.

Although reports indicate that he is setting up at the University of Pennsylvania, they have not been confirmed as of yet, as reported by Quartz Media.

Watch Joe Biden's commencement address to the University of Pennsylvania graduates below:

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