Adidas Ignores Student Film Maker’s Video Advertisement Tribute


A moving Adidas commercial was created by a 26 year old student and film maker. But no matter how moving it was, Adidas failed to react.

Film maker Eugen Merher created a 1 minute and 40 second video advertisement that tells the story about a former German marathon runner. Of course, the shoes he used were the brand itself. The former athlete has gotten old and now lives in a retirement home for seniors like him. Staying in a home, the character lives a monotonous existence. Remembering his glory days, he puts on his worn out Adidas shoes and decides to take them for a run. However, he was repeatedly stopped by the home's staff members.

Although his body showed that he is in no condition to run again, he tried to make himself stronger after several attempts. He lifted home-made weights and trained for endurance and strength. This old man is determined that nothing can stop him from running.

At the end of the commercial is something that can make viewers either cry or stand up and cheer for the man, as reported by Bored Panda. According to Merher, he tried to send it to Adidas' communications department but he did not get a reaction.

Ron Dicker describes Eugen Merher's commercial as a work that is done by a pro, as reported by The Huffington Post. Dicker says that Adidas made a mistake in not acknowledging or reacting to Merher's work.

On Eugen Merher's official website, the film maker detailed that his love for film making started when he was young. After graduating high school, he majored in communication science at the University of Hohenheim and the University of Oregon.

He also has videos of other brands on his website such as a spot for Nivea, and HDI Versicherungen. It also looks like he has some upcoming shorts coming, such as a spot for Baufix, Kindle and Schwarm.

Check out Merher's Adidas commercial below:

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