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Queen Brooklyn Tankard Promises To ‘Bridge Da Gap’ In Education


"Thicker than Water" star Brooklyn Tankard is out to do some charity work. Known for the 2013 television series on Bravo, Brooklyn is using her status to give back to the urban youth community.

Known as Queen Brooklyn on TV, Tankard has endeavored to be the next ambassador for education in "Bridge Da Gap." And she is seriously excited to get to work. BDG is a non-profit organization that aims to provide awareness, education and empowerment to thousands of youth in the nation and maybe, soon, globally.

"Bridge Da Gap" was founded by Kevin "Khao" Cates who has worked with Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Ludacris and more. Cates infused the BDG with music as a form of social-emotional curriculum. It is a relevant method to engage the youth by using pop culture. It teaches the kids to build character while making education fun. BDG combines hip hop music, education and mentoring. The organization also teaches life skills applicable in today's socially challenged environment. Currently, BDG has been implemented in schools across the United States as well as in the Bahamas, as featured in the official "Bridge Da Gap" website.

A "Bridge Da Gap" tour is planned for this year (2017), as reported by Eurweb.This is where Queen Brooklyn Tankard comes in. She is lending her support. After all, she has recognized Khao is an amazing person to work with. She also knows how Khao is passionate about "Bridge Da Gap" and wants to be a part of BDG.

Brooklyn Tankard explained that there are three things she loves. They are kids, music and giving back. BDG is a perfect combination of all three of her passions. Her role in BDG is to expose the goal of BDG on a national platform. She will be going to schools and colleges to connect with students and provide awareness.

Other celebrities who are supporting BDG include Ronnie Lott, Dr. Ben Carson and Meagan Good.

Learn more about "Bridge Da Gap" in the organization's video below:

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