'Tokyo 42' Releases New 4 Minute Gameplay Footage; PC Games Arriving In Q1 2017 Detailed [VIDEO]


It is a new year for PC gamers and it would seem that a lot of games will be hitting the earlier parts of 2017. As such, the developers behind the highly-anticipated game "Tokyo 42" have recently released a new gameplay footage that showcases the stealth video game. Moreover, fans will have to keep a keen eye out on the list of PC 1games that will be released in the first quarter of the year, according to sources.

It was recently reported that four minutes of gameplay footage was released by Mode 7, the publisher behind other games like "Frozen Synapse" and "Frozen Cortex," wherein it features its upcoming game "Tokyo 42," iDigital Times reported. The game was demonstrated by a representative of Mode 7, who gave fans a glimpse of the different ways of playing the game.

The video for "Tokyo 42" would feature the different tactics that players can opt for when completing the various campaigns of the game. The upcoming isometric action game, which was developed by SMAC and published by Mode 7, was announced back in September and not much was divulged back then.

As such, the new four minute gameplay footage for "Tokyo 42" would give players more information about the game and the things that they can expect from it. Players can either take on a more stealthier approach or a more aggressive run, which will both result in different outcomes on certain levels.

That being said, the game was said to be heavily inspired by iconic titles, such as "Syndicate" and "Grand Theft Auto 1." The game will allow players to control an assassin with attacks, dodges and stealth to pursue their targets. The game was said to be released some time early this year.

On top of that, other games that will be released in the first quarter of the year were listed by PC GamesN, as well. The source took note of the following PC games that fans can expect to be released this coming months of January to March: "Resident Evil 7" (Jan. 24), "For Honor" (Feb. 14), "Sniper Elite 4" (Feb. 14), "Halo Wars 2" (Feb. 21), " Nier: Automata" (Feb. 23) and "Ghost Recon: Wildlands" (March 7).

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