Atlus Games 2017: 'Persona 5' April 4 Release Date; New 'Project Re Fantasy' Trailer Revealed [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike, who are familiar with the upcoming Atlus games coming this 2017, will be pleased to know that "Persona 5" will be coming to both the North American and European regions this April. Moreover, the studio has also released a new trailer for their upcoming "Project Re Fantasy" game.

It was reported that "Persona 5" for the North American and European regions will be part of the upcoming Atlus games this 2017, Gamesradar has learned. It was said that the game will be launched to both regions on April 4. As such, fans on those regions who have yet to get their hands on a copy of the Japanese role-playing game can already expect that the game to hit the stores by then.

The source went on to state that the game, "Persona 5," is one of the better installments that Atlus will be putting out this 2017. It went on to detail the comic book-like design, which made the in-game menu and interface a bit more stylish. Also, fans can expect the innovative way of presenting text messages, where the phone would slide on the screen at an angle.

As for the gameplay, fans who are considering "Persona 5" as one of the most anticipated Atlus games of 2017 can expect something more from the game than just mashing a couple of buttons. It was said that fans can expect their main characters to run down the hall while money and numbers pop out similar to readers sifting through pages of a manga.

In other news, one of the highly anticipated games being developed by Atlus would be "Project Re Fantasy," which was recently reported to have released a new trailer for its fans, Techno Buffalo reported. It was reported that Atlus has created a new studio, called Studio Zero, to handle the development of its upcoming fantasy Japanese role-playing game.

The director for "Persona 5" will also be taking the helms in this new Atlus fantasy game, who assured fans that they will be very careful in developing the game to meet the standards and expectations of its fans.

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