Top 5 Awesome Android Games to Download in 2017


The overwhelming amount of game titles in Play Store can be confusing. Here's a compilation of the best Android games to download on Android phones or tablet in 2017.

-          Hearthstone

The fantasy-battle card game is one of the fan-favorite Android games in 2016 and it seems to continue in 2017. Using strategic thinking, the battle requires trying out different moves and arranging the perfect digital deck. It may be time-consuming but it is rewarding once done. PCMag has noted that the gaming experience on Android is excellent.

-          Crashlands

The paid app has just been released in 2016 but it quickly made it to the top as one of the best Android games ever. "Crashlands" is about getting stranded in an alien planet and learn to survive with battles and collecting items along the journey. Android Authority has learned that there is no app-in purchase, which is the best part.


Play the arcade-style game, "" against the others. It is an updated version of the Snake Game that players can find in Nokia phones back in the 90s. The main goal is to grow the snake by consuming the pellets and a little strategy.

-          Pokemon Go

"Pokemon Go" has exploded since July 2016 and it became an unforgettable phenomenon that makes it one of the best Android games. The augmented reality game requires players to catch Pokemon, battle at the Gyms and collect items like eggs and Poke Balls at PokeStops.

-          The Trail

Just like how it's named, "The Trail" offers immersive journey while interacting with other characters along the way. The free Android game offers beautiful scenery of forests and mountains as player explores a new path.

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