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'Pokemon GO' Update, Release Date: Gen 2 Adds 100 Monsters?; Catch Starbucks 'Pokemon GO' Frappuccino Soon!


"Pokemon GO" update has been leaked and it suggests a delicious update that includes blackberries in a Starbucks beverage plus a hundred more Pokemons.

"Pokemon GO" Update: Starbucks Partnership Means Huge Promotion On Its Way

The coffee chain plans a huge Christmas gift for "Pokemon GO" players as a recent announcement intended for Starbucks internals has been leaked.

The promotion reads 'Players will unlock the Pokemon GO Frappuccino Blended Beverage' and it is labeled 'Confidential'. The Forbes reported that this partnership allows Starbucks to become one of the PokeStops to increase consumers' transactions and boost sales.

There is no further information, as to which chains will be eligible for PokeStops but it is highly likely for all Starbucks stores in the US to stir the beverage for "Pokemon GO" players.

"Pokemon GO" Update: The Raspberry and Blackberry in The Beverage

Starbucks or Niantic does not bother to think of any other amusing name except "Pokemon GO" Frappuccino Blended. It is reported that the signature drink is a mix of blackberries, raspberry syrup, ice blended - topped with whipping cream.

There is nothing 'yellowy Pikachu' about the drink but the promo update might still look appealing for consumers who are also "Pokemon GO" addicts.

Internal source claims that all of Starbucks' baristas have been trained to make one before the promo kicks off. The partnership is expected to bring back the players as the previous banning incident has caused the numbers to soar.

Another rumor has also surfaced - claiming that there will be 100 Pokemons added in "Pokemon GO" gen 2, according to Independent.

"Pokemon GO" Update Release Date

 "Pokemon GO" players can begin to unlock Frappuccino blended on Dec. 8.

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