Apple FaceTime Subject Of Lawsuit For Failing To Warn Drivers of Potential Dangers


The Apple FaceTime app is currently the subject of a lawsuit. Parents of a daughter who died in a vehicular accident blamed the app for her death.

Vehicular Accident Details

James and Bethany Modisette and their two daughters Moriah and Isabella were driving near Dallas, according to ABC News. The fatal tragedy occurred around two years ago on December 23. Their car was hit from behind by another vehicle driven by Garret Wilhelm.

Apparently, he was distracted with the FaceTime app that he failed to slow down or notice the car in front. Unfortunately, the collision resulted in the death of Moriah Modisette who was only five at that time. James was in crictical condition while Bethany and her daughter Isabella also received injuries.

Lawsuit Directed Against Apple

The Modisette family later filed a lawsuit against Apple in a California court. They contend that Apple failed to put software lock outs that would have prevented Wilhelm from using the FaceTime app. If the Cupertino Company placed the safeguards the fatal accident would not have happen.

Meanwhile Garret and his family offered their condolences to the Modisettes through their lawyer. They also contend that the iPhone and the FaceTime that he was using was not the cause. They simply called the fatal tragedy as a vehicular accident. Apple has yet to comment on the case as of press time.

The lawsuit has attracted a lot comments and attention from online and social media outlets. Many have voiced their opinions that Apple is not at fault in such accidents. Nevertheless, it's now up to the court to determine the merit of the case.

FaceTime Details

FaceTime is an Apple proprietary app that enables users to communicate with others using its video and telephone features. It runs on iOS and available on all iPhones, tablets and even Mac computers, according to the Apple website. There's also a FaceTime Camera and FaceTime Audio. Although Apple developed the software, it bought the "FaceTime" name from another company called FaceTime Communications.

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