Apple Fake Chargers Guide, Tips: How To Find Out If Your Apple Charger Is Genuine


Apple fake chargers are more common than most consumers think. Nine out of ten such chargers are reportedly counterfeit and buyers must remain vigilant to make they are getting the genuine article.

Apple Genuine Charger Check Tips

Make sure that the charger is bought from a duly authorized Apple store. Check the package or box for mistakes in the spelling of the brand name or logo since this is a sign that the charger is more likely a fake.

Examine the Apple charger if it's accompanied by safety warnings and none of the words are wrongly spelled, according to Computerworld. Customers who have their old genuine Apple charger can make comparisons with new cable before buying it. If the Apple power cables are only available from third party sellers, check their reputation by taking a look at their feedbacks from other customers. People should be cautious in buying fake chargers in view of Galaxy Note 7 exploding incidents. Exploding mobile batteries can damage properties, hurt or even kill people.

How to Use Apple Device Chargers Correctly

Always make sure to unplug the Apple charger whenever it's not in use. To avoid accidental fires, avoid covering the Apple charger while it's being use. Make sure that the plug's prong and USB connection have been connected securely but avoid applying too much force. In the interest of safety, never use damaged Apple chargers or cables.

Majority of Apple Chargers Sold - Fake

Consumer protection groups were shocked to find out that only one out of a hundred fakes Apple chargers were able to pass the simple user safety requirements, based on a test conducted by the UK-based Trading Standards. This means that Apple users should avoid buying or using counterfeit chargers. The prices of the fake charges might be cheaper than the genuine article but it will probably cost users their Apple devices if it gets damaged during the charging process.

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