3 Reasons Why Linksys Home Wi-Fi Mesh Velop is Reportedly ‘Useless’ Compared to Google Orbi [VIDEO]


The old guard in network provider Linksys is joining the market of Home Wi-Fi with the introduction of "Velop" a multi-unit mesh system akin to Eero, Luma, Plume, Netgear and Google Orbi. However, according to some reviews, Linksys product will be useless compared to Google Orbi. Here's why!

Linksys Velop Has Big and Noticeable Routers

Unlike Google Orbi and other Home Wi-Fi routers which can be place in the shelf, Linksys Velop is composed of big and noticeable routers. According to The Verge, the routers are difficult to hide because of its tall body having slope sides and besides they look like the old Gateway PC's speakers from the 90's but not necessarily ugly.

Linksys Velop is Way Too Expensive than Google Orbi

Price does matter to the netizens so when it comes to picking affordable but quality multi-unit Wi-Fi system, Google Orbi comes first on the list. According to Engadget, Orbi is cheaper than Linksys Velop by $200 because the latter only costs $299 while the former has a price tag of $500 for the whole system, $350 for two-pack routers and $200 for a standalone.

Linksys Velop Speed Output is More than Enough for a Home Wi-Fi Connection

According to some reviews, "speed is not everything" thus, making Linksys Velop an utterly useless to those who are contented with Google Orbi. According to the same publication, Orbi's speed from its two-band system is already enough to stream 4k video.  

On the other hand, Linksys Wi-Fi mesh system Velop also has advantages over its toughest rivals in the market today. Netizens are likely to consider it most especially when it comes to its ease-of-use such as the integration of Amazon Alexa which everyone can talk with such as asking for the Wi-Fi password.

Furthermore, Linksys Home Wi-Fi mesh system Velop can be handled through a mobile app. In addition, it is also a perfect candidate if the users wish to have their Wi-Fi extend their reach through wired set-up and options according to some reports.

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