NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Release Date: Will Outperform Other Siblings for Higher Base, Boost Clockspeed; Launching in CES 2017 [VIDEO]


Fans of NVIDIA are apparently excited as the presumed launching of GTX 1080 during the CES 2017 is just days away. The new GPU chipset is said to outperform its siblings with its higher base and boost Clockspeed. Will it also overtake the performance of its competitors from AMD? Read full details here!

NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Soon to be the Go-To 4K GPU

The most anticipated NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti is expected to be the go-to 4K GPU after its launching for this year. According to PC Games, the upcoming GPU is said to be lowering the price point of the currently GP102-based GTX Titan X mainly because of the minor decrease of CUDA cores from 3584 to 3328.

However, NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti is expected to have higher base and boost Clockspeed, thus, it is believe to outperform its siblings. Furthermore, overclocked SKUs are already expected after the launching of the GPU presumably during the CES 2017 trade show in Las Vegas.

NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti are not for Gaming

Previous rumors suggest that NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti are created for gaming PC and laptop, however, it is not the case anymore especially now when the chipset is said to be integrated in GP 102 GPU which is intended for professional workstation market and not for gamers according to Forbes. However, on the lighter side of it, NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti is now considered as the best graphics card available in the market today because of its 12GB of memory, goosed memory and GPU.

NVIDIA CEO Keynote for CES 2017             

Jen-Hsun Huang has already released a statement as to what to expect from the presentation of NVIDIA during CES 2017. According to the company's website, NVIDIA will unveil various technologies such as self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and gaming.

CES or the Consumers Electronics Show is an annual event participated by tech firms from around the world with an estimated 165,000 attendees for this year's activity. More than 6500 reporters are expected to be present during the event alongside participants e.g. tech companies from 150 countries worldwide. 

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