How Lose The Holiday Pounds and Recover From Vacation Weight Gain Fast

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If you are guilty of overeating over the holidays, you are not alone. But the bad news is that these extra pounds you have collected during your vacation actually take longer to lose.

According to Mail Online, researchers have found that people who have gained a lot of holiday weight will not be able to shed it until the beginning of July. This is based on a Cornell University study where the scientists have revealed that half of the weight most people gained remain until the summer months.

But no, it's not the end of the world. There are still tips from trainers and nutritionists on how you can eliminate and burn those calories fast each day. Here are those very simple yet effective methods for shedding of holiday pounds fast.

Drink plenty of water.

According to Reader's Digest, we sometimes just mistaken thirst for hunger so in case you feel hungry the next time, drink water first. This is also going to be effective especially when you do it before sitting down to a meal. Drinking can easily make you feel full and reducing your appetite to eat more.

Eat small frequent meals

Starving yourself will only do more harm than good. People who have been proven to have lost weight fast are those who are eating 5 times a day on an average. How? Because eating small frequent meals can keep you feel full throughout the day and reduces your craving to eat a full, heavy meal at dinner time.

Take it one step at a time

You cannot make drastic changes to lose weight fast. Go easy on your diet by making one change at a time like replacing unhealthy food with better and healthier food options day by day until you get used to this habit.

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