‘Will & Grace' Reboot Has 10 Episodes; What We Know So Far


"Will & Grace" reboot will reportedly have 10 new episodes. This was the claim of a former co-star of the show.

Leslie Jordan Says Reboot Coming Up

Leslie Jordan played the role of Beverly Leslie in "Will & Grace". The actor claimed in KBPS interview that NBC has approved the reboot of the show. At least 10 episodes have been planned for the upcoming revival. The additional season is expected to go on air this coming July. As of press time, the TV network would not confirm or deny Jordan's claims, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

NBC on Will & Grace Reboot

NBC though has interest in reviving "Will & Grace" Show albeit in a shortened season format. The TV network was reportedly working on the details since October of last year. An election related video featuring the four main characters went viral indicating that it still has a loyal fanbase. It will not be easy though since NBC not only need to sign up the four main casts of the show; it also has to convince the show's creators.

Show Is An Emmy Goldmine

"Will & Grace" is basically about a single lady and her gay friend and roommate. It managed to win 16 Emmy during its eight year run. All of the four main stars including Debra Messing (Grace) and Eric McCormack (Will) brought home several of the trophies. The show was quite profitable back then that the top casts can get as much as $600,000 for every episode.

Former Casts' View On Reboot

Both Messing and McCormack are willing to comeback for a "Will & Grace" Reboot. The actress is willing to do a few episodes but has decided against long term TV projects. Meanwhile, McCormack said that the network has yet to extend a formal offer on an upcoming reboot. If the revival pushes through, perhaps "Friends" can be revived as well.

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