Deepak Chopra Explains The Physics Of Being One With The Universe

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The idea that humans are one with the universe is a common concept in eastern religions, especially in Hinduism. However, guru and motivational speaker Deepak Chopra presents evidence that proves this is more than just eastern philosophy but a universal scientific truth as well.

Chopra said in an article he wrote on the SFGate that all the realities in the universe happen because of us human beings because in order for these universes to become real, there should be a human observer.

Philosophically speaking, that is indeed true because something cannot be proven if there's no belief that exists about that something. And those beliefs are, of course, upheld by man in his consciousness. But what if this philosophy can be explained by science indeed?

British neurologist and Nobel Prize winner John Eccles said that in reality, the natural world has no color, shape, sound, texture, or boundary. To put this simply, this qualities and senses will not exist without the human being. One of the pillars of quantum mechanics, Erwin Schrödinger, have a similar view with Eccles although he said it differently. His famous thought experiment called "Schrödinger's cat" describes that a cat can simultaneously be alive and dead as a result of a random subatomic occurrence that may or may not have happened.

Therefore, if everything depends on our perception, Chopra said, then the physical existence of the universe should be questioned. He further argued that whatever we see around us is the result of light bouncing off the object. In fact, he said, the brain has zero light inside it nor does it have any pictures or images. However, it is a mystery how neuron electric activities become conscious awareness.

Even with the technological advances we have nowadays, no one has solved the mystery yet. Yes, an fMRI scan picks up the electrical activities happening in the brain yet the real nature of perception remains a mystery. Without humans and their sense of sight, the universe and everything in it does not exist at all.

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