‘Grimm’ Season 6 News, Spoilers: Nick’s Magic Stick Connection Revealed; Renard-Diana Reunion Means Slaughter; 4 Plot Primers You Should Know


NBC just confirmed that "Grimm" Season 6 will be the finale of the hit TV series. Before the series make its final bow to its huge following, "Grimm" actors hinted several key plots about the Season 6 episodes. The 16-episode season finale will be half-shorter than the previous seasons.

Nick's Magic Stick Attachment

According to TVLine, "Grimm" Season 6 might actually reveal what is the truth behind Nick and the magic stick scene during the first run of the show. "Grimm's screenwriter David Greenwalt said that t might not be as huge as expected but the stick will actually figure through the whole thing and questions about will have answers.

"Grimm" Season 6: Captain Sean Renard-Daughter Reunion

"Grimm" Season 6 might start up between Renard and Nick, News Everyday reported. However, Renard still holds an ace against the people after him. Though he lacks the support, Renard is now minted as Portland's Mayor. He now holds the power to prevent Nick's team in putting him down. Another card he holds is the ace of hearts, his daughter. Sasha Roiz noted that Diana, his daughter now plays a large role in his character's life. Renard could be cozying up with his daughter in order to take advantage of Diana's big potential which he may use in the future conflicts.

"Grimm" Season 6 Plot Primers

  • "Grimm" final run will definitely answer the questions raised in the previous seasons. However, before it does, a new evil character is slated to make an appearance halfway through the Season 6.
  • Greenwalt also teased a comeback for Hummel.
  • Nick and Juliet are expected to spark a good relationship before the series ends.
  • Adalind and her child's back story will be given focus on "Grimm's Season 6.

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