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LG AI Robot Domination Lineup: 3 Bots Underway; Alexa AI Joins LG Robot Crew On CES 2017 Launching


LG, Seoul-based electronics giant just showed off what it has for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES 2017). AI Robots will dominate LG's line up for the tech convention. This was not LG's first robotic showcase but this could be the best in store for its consumers.

LG CES 2017 showcase has been teased in a primer interview ahead of the show. The LG Robot lineup includes LG Hub Robot Hub Robot, LG SmartThinQ Hub and a commercial model engineered to provide travel tips and info to travelers and guest at airports and hotels.

  • LG Hub Robot Hub Robot

According to Android Authority, LG Hub Robot is similar to Amazon Echo. The company described it as a smart home gateway and a personal assistant for their consumers. And the development of this robot is still on-going. The full specification of this robot type is expected to be announced during the CES 2017.

  • LG SmartThinQ Hub

This Echo-style speaker is incorporated with Alexa functionality. As per the picture was shown during the CES 2017 primer interview, its similarity with LG's HOM-BOT is very evident. They also have the same function -in cleaning and might be personal assisting, Tech Crunch reported.

More cleaning AI robots are slated for CES 2017 launch.

  • LG Airport and Hotel Assistant

The third bot in the list is a commercial model designed to offer up travel info to humans at airports and hotels. LG Airport and Hotel Assistant got the most interest during the trading primer. It is expected to improve travelers' experience.

These three LG robots will be equipped with Alexa AI. However, the company did not specify whether the robots will enlist Alexa-style question answering and home automation or not.

All in, CES 2017 becomes even more exciting as LG lives up to its motto: "Life's good." With its robot navigating through complex work and task becomes easier and comfortable for the people's lives.

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