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Carrie Fisher’s Death Is Not As Important As Education, Says Sumter Local


The world was shocked to hear the death of "Star Wars" Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), her mother Debbie Reynolds, and, as well as, pop singer super star George Michael.

Some social media users are already calling it the worst year ever because of a lot of celebrity deaths in 2016. Reports indicate that actress Carrie Fisher died of a heart attack, as shown in the CBS video below. Her mother Debbie Reynolds followed shortly. Some say she died of a broken heart.

Music Artist George Michael appear to have died of heart failure. The main cause is still unknown because results were inconclusive, as reported by The Rolling Stones. December did highlight celebrity deaths for 2016 but according to Graham Osteen, these are not as important as education.

Graham Osteen is an editor of The Sumter Item and he wrote in a column that he is tired of celebrity news in general, as reported by The Sumter Item. He calls out that there should be lesser celebrity worships and more focus on local education.

He details that celebrities' deaths or lives has gone to extremes because of celebrity worships by fans. Even the 2016 United States Presidential Election was a celebrity roller coaster ride. He describes it like it was a doomsday movie. Osteen indicates that there are tons of these information being delivered to every user in all directions.

He implores everyone to focus on their communities. Instead of reading about celebrities, people should read meaningful news. He points to Sumter School District. The district is facing financial problems and it is going down hill.

With more and more celebrities making the local news, the financial health of the local school district is being buried. As an editor he puts out the questions to make people think. How did the school board let this happen? And what can be done?

Osteen hopes to see more support from the community and lesser focus on celebrities. For him, people can start by subscribing to local news and getting off Facebook. Supporting local journalism helps the community.

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