'Dead Rising 4' News: Stocking Stuff Holiday Pack Now Available; New Difficulty Settings Coming In Early 2017 [VIDEO]


It seems that most fans and avid gamers alike are getting the most out of this year's Christmas holidays with Capcom releasing the highly acclaimed beat down open-world zombie game, "Dead Rising 4." With it, the renowned game developer and publisher has recently launched a Christmas DLC in celebration of the Yuletide season. Moreover, it was also reported that there will be new content and features that will be introduced in early 2017, according to sources.

Fans would remember that previous reports show Capcom releasing a "Yule Log" trailer, which spans for about 20 minutes or so, prior to the release date of the highly-anticipated "Dead Rising 4" survival horror game, University Herald noted.

Now that the game has been out in the market, Capcom has decided to release the latest DLC for "Dead Rising 4" that is in keeping with the Holidays, Gamespot learned. It was said that the new Christmas DLC, known as the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack will feature a Christmas themed update for the game.

Fans can see the protagonist, Frank West, fend off zombies donning elves and snowmen attires, all while being dressed as Santa Claus. Moreover, the DLC for "Dead Rising 4" brings forth new weapons that are also aptly designed for the holiday spirit.

Fans can wield weapons like the "Candy Pain" and a baseball bat modded with barbed wire and Christmas lights in the Christmas DLC for "Dead Rising 4." To wrap the whole package up, the new pack also features a motorcycle that is fitted with a reindeer head that shoots lasers, called "Santa's Little Melter."

In other news, it seems that fans can also expect more content for "Dead Rising 4" headed their way in early 2017, which was announced by Microsoft via their official website.

Apart from them unveiling the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack for "Dead Rising 4," the company said that Season Pass owners can expect new content in the earlier part of 2017 that would include the "Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf," and a fresh perspective of experiencing the game with "Frank Rising."

Moreover, fans who have already finished the game ought to wait after the holidays since the company will also be announcing two new difficulty settings for the Story Mode in "Dead Rising 4" coming in early 2017.

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