Tips To Help You Impress People at Work During Meetings


Meetings are very important in any company. There, bosses communicate goals to employees, who in return communicate necessary updates and data. Meetings are where ideas are freely aired, plans are made, and job expectations expressed. But meetings aren't like hangouts with friends: they're professional gatherings that require a good code of conduct, too.

Being invited to a company meeting for the first time will surely make fresh employees worry and feel nervous. To help with that, here are a few reminders that will help any new worker impress the bosses, and elicit approval from colleagues. These are taken from David Rigby's interview with Al Arabiya English, and from the Management Study Guide.

Be prepared for the meeting

Don't ever come to a meeting unprepared. Read the agenda and make necessary preparations. Dress up appropriately. Failing to do so gives colleagues and superiors the impression that you view the meeting as less important compared to other things.

Come to the meeting early

If the meeting is scheduled at 9:00 a.m., show your eagerness by arriving at least ten minutes earlier at 8:50 a.m. This shows discipline, and communicates that you respect your office coworkers' time.

Avoid using your phone

We live in an age where everyone uses a smartphone as an all-in-one device, but still it is best to turn it to silent mode and avoid using it once the meeting begins. Loud ringing will disturb others in the meeting. Worse, playing games or texting and calling someone while the meeting is going on says that the meeting isn't that important to you.

Conflict resolution

Avoid slugging it out with a coworker while a meeting is going on. While arguments can bring a good outcome when it comes to decision-making, prolonged arguments take too much time and disrupts the meeting. Conflict has to be addressed with the intention of reaching a mutually-beneficial solution.

Respect one another

Disrespecting a coworker for his race, gender, education or position is a no-no. Help them whenever needed, and don't join controversies or participate in gossiping.

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