Carrie Fisher Death: How Thousands Of ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Players Honored House Organa’s Princess Leia

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The entertainment world is still reeling from losing Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, in just a short span of days this week. Celebrities and the public alike flocked to social media sites to offer their deepest condolences to family and friends left behind by mother and daughter celebrities.

"Star Wars" fans gathered virtually to pay their respects and memorialize Fisher's life, as evident in what thousands of "Star Wars: The Old Republic" players did recently. Players from various corners of the galaxy journeyed to House Organa on Alderaan, which serves as the ancestral home of the family of Princess Leia, Fisher's well-loved character in the "Star Wars" franchise, PC Gamer reported.

The tribute made by "Star Wars: The Old Republic" players initially began as a spur-of-the-moment thing, but progressed into a huge memorial service as more people joined on each server. For hours, players danced and lit fireworks to pay homage not just to Leia, but to Fisher's colorful life.

"Star War: The Old Republic" prevented server instability by separating players into 'instances' whenever too many users appear in the same place at the same time. Each server got nearly 10 instances and around a hundred of players on Alderaan. Check out the fan-made tribute below.

The honor didn't end on the Force's good side. Players who are part of the Sith Empire -- sworn enemies of the Galactic Republic, of which House Organa belongs to -- also paid tribute to Fisher's Leia.

They did it by distracting the Organa guards, making their high-level players fight the sentries so low-level players can go to House Organa and pay their respects. Fortunately, there weren't any kind of ruckus that was present in other in-game funerals. Killing other players was pretty prominent on occasions such as this, but Fisher's death was an exception.

"Star War: The Old Republic" players on the Ebon Hawk server admired Fisher's honesty about mental illness. They pointed out that the actress saw mental issues as "a source of inspiration," and that approach made these people come to grips with their struggles.

Fisher already completed her parts in "Star Wars: Episode VIII," which will bow in theaters in late 2017. As of late, there are no reports about how Fisher's death will affect future "Star Wars" installments beyond what's coming out next year, KTIC reported.

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