‘Battlefield 1’ Holiday Event Brings New Game Mode & Dog Tag! Features In Rented Servers Announced


Electronic Arts has unveiled a holiday event in "Battlefield 1." The special event introduced a new game mode and item to players, while features are also coming toward rented servers.

The holiday event brought a custom game mode called Blind Delivery to "Battlefield 1," PC Gamer reported. The game mode is a version of the War Pigeons mode, which turns off the mini-map and restricts players' access to bombs and handguns.

The "Battlefield 1" event, which began on Dec. 22 and will last until Dec. 29, also awards the Holiday Truce dog tag to players logging into the game. On Dec. 22, the game welcomed the addition of a brand-new pair of vehicle skis to Battlepacks, the Distinguished SchnucK, and the Legendary Desert Gold.

Starting on Dec. 23, "Battlefield 1" players will receive a free Battlepack when they log into the game, while Premium Pass owners will get two Superior Battlepacks. Battlepacks are in-game trunks that contain different kinds of weapons and skins. There are two modified versions, Enhanced and Superior, which shift regularly based on the Weapon Skins and items available at the moment, according to Battlefield's website.

In other news, "Battlefield 1" developer DICE recently listed the features that will soon be added to the World War I shooter's rent-a-server feature. Players can now use a separate admin control panel to kick/ban other players or create VIP lists.

The Kick/Ban tab in "Battlefield 1" displays all players in a server. A player's banned status can still be removed later, though. The VIP list, meanwhile, prioritizes certain players in the event of a server queue. Members that contribute to the server cost can now be selected as VIPs.

DICE is also considering the addition of password-protected servers. For "Battlefield 1" admins, the developer is planning to turn Behemoth spawning on or off on their servers, as well as the option to turn whole magazine reloads on or off. Server admins may also get the 'squad leader spawn only' setting, which was a big hit in previous "Battlefield" titles.

In addition, DICE is planning to redesign the "Battlefield 1" server browser to give special focus to rented servers. From now on rented servers "will always be displayed at the top of the server browser," DICE's blog post read.

DICE also revealed that they are considering "other functions" for "Battlefield 1." However, they're "not ready to talk" about those functions yet. What do you wish to see in "Battlefield 1" in the future? Share your thoughts below!

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