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Carrie Fisher Memories And Quotes That Prove Princess Leia Is A Feminist Icon


Carrie Fisher has left us for good and left a nagging void in every Star Wars fan's heart. No other princess, has done what she did and for that she is the perfect feminist icon hands down, and here are some evidence why she is.

She's not afraid of talking about her mental illness

At a time when most celebrities were afraid of talking about their mental illness, Fisher candidly admitted that she was suffering from bipolar disorder on national TV. Not only did she admit it but she became a champion of people who have been suffering from mental illness.

She's not afraid to raise that dirty middle finger

Ever heard any princess - both in real and reel life - giving the dirty middle finger to make her point? Only Princess Leia can do that and get away with it. Whether she said it to make a point during an interview or with a photo with Meryl Streep, she didn't care and just got real with it.

She's proud of her appearance and fought back

When New York Post columnist Kyle Smith criticized her for her age, she did not sit there and mope. But just like Princess Leia singlehandedly strangling Jabba the Hutt, she "owned" her critics by saying, "Screw beauty, it’s superficial anyway, and my other attributes matter way more than my appearance." And you can imagine her raising that legendary finger as she said that.

She encouraged young women to fight for themselves

"Well, you should fight for your outfit. Don't be a slave like I was." These were her wise words to Daisy Ridley during their conversation on Interview Magazine as they talk about her being a sex symbol. She was referring to that sexy outfit with chains and all. She also emphasized to her young co-star that her being a sex symbol was not her opinion but somebody else's.

She's the "only girl in an all-boy fantasy"

This was her own words as she talked about being typecast. She added she's not afraid since Princess Leia was a proactive character for which she is right. She's the only Princess who's not afraid to kill, incite a rebellion, and fall in love at the same time. Now that's a princess worth emulating.

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