Scientists Say The Clue To Extra-Terrestrial Existence Might Be Inside Our Bodies


If the universe is so vast, why haven't we found other life forms? This is the question posed by Enrico Fermi, a physicist who formulated the Fermi Paradox. This makes sense given the vastness of space, there is sure to be other civilizations out there but where are they? This question might have already found an answer, one that is not expected.

According to Paul Davies, a cosmologist from the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science at the Arizona State University, has several theories why we haven't found any aliens. In one of his theories, he supposed that aliens could have visited Earth billions of years ago and left a hidden message which can be found in the DNA of some early life-form. With this in mind, he further suggested that there might be something if we look closely at the gene.

The basic unit of DNA is the gene and human beings have 25,000 genes in all. If you compare it with the computer, the gene can be likened to the smallest unit of computer code called "bit." Thus, one gene is equals to one bit.

However, the gene actually exists in the physical world and gives each person their own unique looks and personalities. The bit, on the other hand, describes the gene and contains no significance at all. Walker, together with his colleague Dr. Sara Imari Walker, said what if this distinction between the real and not real is not correct at all?

Dr. Walker further suggested what if these alien particles might actually be interwoven in the very fabric of our planet and inside the human body. She said that alien civilization must be really advanced and able to manipulate these genes the same way chemists manipulate chemicals and compounds. It is a possibility, she said, because some organisms don't really behave the way scientists expect them to behave.

She proceeded that alien life might just be living under or inside our noses. For example, particles that are one-tenth in size than the bacteria can cause kidney stones or bacteria that live inside poisonous lakes. They could have alien origins and that they are deeply interwoven with the fabrics of our being.

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