'P.T. Silent Hills' Demo Files Leaks More Info About Kojima's Plans; Norman Reedus As Adam In 'Death Stranding' [VIDEO]


A lot of fans and avid gamers alike would agree that most of them were really hopeful about the "P.T. Silent Hills" when it was released two years ago for the PlayStation 4. As such, it was reported that dataminers have pried into the demo and shared the files contained therein. Moreover, it was suggested that acclaimed actor Norman Reedus will be playing as Adam in Hideo Kojima's upcoming video game, "Death Stranding," according to sources.

Fans were disheartened when they learned that Konami suddenly pulled the trigger on the project, after just releasing the "P.T. Silent Hills" for the game. As such, fans will never now exactly what acclaimed designer Hideo Kojima and director del Toro had planned for the franchise. However, dataminers have looked into the demo and have found some files that may shed more light to what the Japanese designer was planning for the game, Games Radar reported.

It was stated therein that one of the files found in "P.T. Silent Hills" suggested that the game would still be closely tied in with the State of Maine. Images were posted by the source that describe a van that has plate number being registered in Maine.

Moreover, it was also mentioned that there were two monsters that were hidden in "P.T. Silent Hills" that has never been seen before by fans. The source described therein that one of these monsters seemed to have extended and disfigured limbs.

Then there was the other one found in "P.T. Silent Hills" that was a bit more complexed and cryptic. It was suggested that the mystery monster might have something to do with the audio files extracted from the demo, as well. It was implied that they all pointed towards to men or fathers murdering their families.

In other news, it was reported that Norman Reedus' character in Kojima's upcoming "Death Stranding" was revealed, Gamerant noted. It was stated that a listing on IMDB has revealed the character of Reedus as Adam. It was mentioned further by the source that name would be appropriate since it has some biblical references that would fit nicely into the concept of the game.

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