Top 5 Biggest Game Disappointments Of 2016; From 'No Man's Sky' To 'The Division,' Why Games Blew Their Endgame [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers are well aware of the greatest games released this year, such as "Overwatch," "Battlefield 1," "DOOM," and many more. However, sources have taken time as well to point out the top 5 biggest game disappointments of 2016. Moreover, some of them even went on to discuss as to why and how triple A games, like "No Man's Sky" and "The Division," went on to ruin their endgame plans.

To kick things off, Kotaku has went on to list that the widely popular mobile game, "Pokemon Go," isn't actually a good game. It was stated therein that the game was actually a mess with thin gameplay mechanics and bugged features that took the developers a lot of time to address and fix them all.

The source even went on to state that the fans that initially played and enjoyed the game have probably already lost their interest in the game, which would add to the weight of the game being placed in their list of the biggest game disappointments of 2016.

Another highly-anticipated title that was included in their list of the biggest game disappointments of 2016 is "No Man's Sky," which many fans are well aware of the heat and flak it has taken since it was initially released. It was stated therein that the debut of the game exposed most of its missing features that were included in trailers and demos that fans were heavily expecting.

The lack of post-release communication on the part of the game's developers only added to the mess that the game has already created, which is slowly being remedied by the recent Foundation update that the game received.

Another game added to the list of biggest game disappointments of 2016 is Ubisoft's "The Division," which was said to have fallen since its initial release.

Albeit, the huge reception it had when it the game debuted, it was said that the game eventually revealed the cracks in it with cheaters exploiting the game, loot exploits messing up the balancing of player levels, and cheap rewards that drew players off, and more. As such, the source went on to highlight that both these games have managed to ruin their longterm plans.

Two other games appearing in another list of the biggest game disappointments of 2016, courtesy of Cinemablend, are "Street Fighter V," which was said to be released with the most bare bones features that lessened its appeal, and "Gears of War 4" that was said to have been toned down to a point that it has lost the essence of the franchise.

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